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Almost all of our raw materials are finite, so recycling is more and more a topic that everyone should deal with. Whether we Swiss are now world champions in recycling or not is a minor matter. Because fact is, we have a good system. Unlike in Germany, for example, waste is sorted and separated in households. Everybody volunteers to help with recycling on a voluntary basis.

1. Recycle more

The effort for the individual to separate recyclables into four, five or even ten categories is extremely high. WeRecycle enables much higher recycling rates by relieving customers of the need to distinguish between recyclable and non-recyclable. Internally, we estimate that WeRecycle customers contribute an average of 40% more to recycling than self-sorters.

2. Save space

With WeRecycle you save a lot of space, because a “home sorting point” with plastic, aluminum, glass can occupy a large area. If someone separated just as accurately as we did with WeRecycle, he would have to provide 10 different sacks and thus safely fill a small space.

3.  Save time

Time is also a resource with limited availability, but unfortunately there is no way to recycle it, so it’s all the more valuable. With the Werewolf Cycle subscription, the time required for recycling approaches zero.

4. Simplify your life

The Google search is bombarded with recycling issues. Where is the nearest aluminum station? Can I dispose of PET in a plastic container? Is there paper recycling? With our subscription, this belongs in the past. We accept ten recyclables and everything just gets in the bag.

5.  Support the Swiss Start-Up scene

Environmental start-ups are rare in Switzerland. With the subscription you help to pay more attention to the scene.

Thank you so much!