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Is WeRecycle available in my neighbourhood?
Unfortunately we are not yet available on all of Switzerland, but we are expanding our coverage continuously. You can get an idea of our availability by checking the map here
What can I put in the WeRecycle bag?
Basically everything that can be recycled, a more detailed break down can be found here
Can I terminate my subscription at any time?
Online subscriptions can be terminated at any time. If you are getting billed via post bills please refer to your contract or call us for more informations.
How can I pay via post billing?
Currently through our Website we only offer payment via credit card, if you prefer to get billed in paper, please give us a call and we set it up.
Will my waste really be recycled?
Yes, we sort your waste by hand and bring it to the designated recycling partners. A rule of thumb is that about 80% of the waste will be recycled and reinserted in the industry.
Where exactly should the bags be placed?
If not otherwise noted, our driver will expect the bags in front of the mailboxes. If it is not possible to place the bags there, please communicate this with us.
Can I also give you multiple mobile numbers for the reminder sms?
Yes, a maximum of 2 numbers can be saved.
How do I get new bags?
Getting new bags is super simple. Just put the WeRecycle Bags Sticker on the bags that you place for disposal and our driver will leave you a new pack in your mailbox.
Can I use more than 2 bags per pick up?
2 bags per pick up is our reference value. As long as you don’t deviate significantly there is no extra charge, but we are allowed to charge CHF 2.90 incl VAT for additional bags.
Can you also pick up big and heavy objects?
Yes, after consultation it is possible.